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Hypoallergenic Silver Jewellery

Our rings are made for you to enjoy. Metal allergies is one of many things we took care of. We decided to make all our rings hypoallergenic by removing Nickel and other metals that may cause allergic reactions. Be assured that our jewellery is safe for you.

Nickel-Free Silver Rings

Around 15% of all people has some kind of allergy reaction to Nickel, that's why we never use Nickel in our products!

How can we be sure? It's because we prepare out Sterling Silver 925 mark ourselves! We start with a pure silver and carefully create a silver alloy in such way it will be safe and will look wonderful. This is a tedious process, but we know you will appreciate the result. Your satisfaction matters to us.

Please see examples of our nickel-free rings:

Please click here to see our collection of Hypoallergenic nickel-free silver rings.